26 July, 2007

Funny Cartoon

Stop Resizing My Firefox Window, $%@*!

Here is how to prevent sites from resizing your Firefox window…

1. Open Firefox, Preferences (or if you’re on Windows…Tools, Options)

2. Go to the Content Tab

3. To the right of “Enable Javascript” hit “Advanced…”.

4. Uncheck “Move or Resize Existing Windows”

That’s it…

Thanks to TechPwn

SuperBru Predictions - Currie Cup Round 6

Valke vs Lions - Lions by 32
Cheetahs vs WP - Cheetahs by 16
Griquas vs Boland - Griquas by 35
Sharks vs Bulls - Bulls by 18

Go to SuperBru and join the game!

Fucking Aussies!!!!

Jones slammed for helping Boks

God I hate the Fucking Aussies!!!!

I want a XBox!!!!

Yea Right!!!!

Microsoft denies Xbox issues
Microsoft Admits Xbox 360 Problems
Unacceptable number’ of repairs leads to company extending warranties

Worlds Fastest Drummer

Microsoft admits Vista failure

I HATE VISTA!!!!!!!!!

ME was a bad OS, and Vista is ME II. Vista looks good. Nice features. Problem is I'm a software developer. I know how to use, crash and fix a computer. DO NOT NEED MY OS TO PROTECT IT SELF FROM ME!

Every time I wanna install a app, admin username and password. Every time I wanna change network settings, or any settings for that matter, freaking addmin username and password please. F That!!!! And to do certain things now takes much longer than before! Lot more clicks, lot more typing.

And it is not that fast!!!!! Copying is a pain. First calculating how long it will take to copy! Y? Copy the shit and get it over and done with!

And my God! It's damn expensive...
And then this article...

Vista is to expensive for what you get, get Ubuntu, its free.

Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli

Dimmu Borgir! What can you say about this brilliant Black/Death Metal band. Release after release! Never a crappy album. My fav for a long time was Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia. And then came In Sorte Diaboli.

Its is a concept album (From Wiki)...

"In Sorte Diaboli is the band's first concept album, with a story located in medieval Europe. It is about a priest who begins to doubt his faith, and then ends up taking the place of the Antichrist. "There's this dude that works as a priest's assistant, and after a while he just discovers that he has nothing to do with Christianity," Silenoz says. "He just sort of has this awakening and realizes that he has different abilities and different powers and is leaning more to the dark side." The conclusion of the story in the booklet implies that the story of In Sorte Diaboli is not yet finished, possibly hinting that Dimmu Borgir's next studio album will continue this concept."

I bought this album off www.gomusic.ru. But will have to get the original. A must have for my collection.

Apple anti-theft system would leave thieves powerless—literally

This is a brilliant idea.

"And while there have been some attempts to dissuade thieves from stealing our things, most have been pretty easy to get around. But what if a thief knew that if he (or she) stole that iPod, it would only have one charge cycle left before it became useless?

A recently-published patent filed by Apple (and dug up by the New Scientist) could provide one such deterrent. The patent, titled "Protecting electronic devices from extended unauthorized use," outlines a technique that would allow a particular device to authenticate itself with certain, user-approved power supplies and devices so that it can only be charged by those devices. In a lot of ways, it's a lot like DRM, but for electronic devices."


How to brake a PS3

This is a post on Blue-Ray.com title Stupid Friend

"Yes, my friends ps3 broke.

He came round mine explaining that his PS3 just died for no reason.
I asked him if he used any buggerd games, dvds, or blu-ray. He said no. I asked him if he dropped it etc. No, no no.

So I went round his to have a look. He had put black duct tape over the air vents. All of them.

I said 'why have you put duct tape over the vents?'

He replys with this:

'I am really cautious about my ps3. I really look after it. I don't want dust getting inside it so I covered up the holes to stop dust from getting in.'

I was in tears.

My friend has got a phone call from some Sony branch. Apparently he will be getting a new PS3. They explained that the system had overheated (Duh?) and that he should take care of where he puts his ps3. They suggested a well ventilated area LMAO! Anyway, they said the system should have shut down automatically but it didn't. And the reason they are giving him a new one is because they don't have any refurbished systems in there branch LMAO!! Guess they havent experienced a broken PS3 b4 lol.

Wow, as so many people are reading this. you should check out www.youtube.com/lduk"

Society of Digital Arts

This is an very cool image from a web site called Society of Digital Arts. Very Cool Site!!!!

Guess what I got!!!!!!

You got to love the internet. Yesterday I found out when the new Iced Earth will be released. Last night I listened to it!!!! YUP!!!!

Well actually it's only a promotional copy. Every once in a while Jon Shaffer comes on and says "Hallo this is John Shaffer from Iced Earth. We hope you enjoying your promotional copy of our new cd Framming Armageddon" and then something else too (I think he got very tiered of saying that all the time). It is very irretating and very intrusive. But I guess it did it's job. I want this album. Badly!!!!!!

I think its good! Very good! Very different.