14 August, 2007

Call of Duty in the Office

I thought this was funny!

No future gay here

The Toy: A Bluetooth-enabled Vibrator

Hands up, who wants to buy one?

"Here's how it works: Ladies, get your lover to send you a text message. Sync your Bluetooth-enabled phone with The Toy, then insert The Toy (not your phone, that could be a serious hospital bill) into your you-know-what. Grab your cell phone, and read the text message your lover sent you. The message is then transported automatically to The Toy, which turns those SMS messages into vibrations. Best of all, each letter of the alphabet has a different effect on your body. More specifically, there are 45 possible vibrating effects from any one letter, plus 7,200 variations from a single text message. So depending on the length of the message, you could feel some serious vibration."

I have plenty free SMS's a month, and have been looking for a reason to use it.

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