26 July, 2007

Microsoft admits Vista failure

I HATE VISTA!!!!!!!!!

ME was a bad OS, and Vista is ME II. Vista looks good. Nice features. Problem is I'm a software developer. I know how to use, crash and fix a computer. DO NOT NEED MY OS TO PROTECT IT SELF FROM ME!

Every time I wanna install a app, admin username and password. Every time I wanna change network settings, or any settings for that matter, freaking addmin username and password please. F That!!!! And to do certain things now takes much longer than before! Lot more clicks, lot more typing.

And it is not that fast!!!!! Copying is a pain. First calculating how long it will take to copy! Y? Copy the shit and get it over and done with!

And my God! It's damn expensive...
And then this article...

Vista is to expensive for what you get, get Ubuntu, its free.

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