24 July, 2007

The Iceman

The Iceman: Confessions Of A Mafia Hitman

Richard Kuklinski (April 11, 1935March 5, 2006) was a convicted murderer who was a notorious hit man known as "The Iceman" who was connected to the Gambino crime family.

Kuklinski's association with the Gambino crime family came through his relationsip with the mobster Roy DeMeo. Kuklinski stated that he started out doing robberies and other assignments for the family, but soon his talent for killing was realized and he stood out amongst his associates, standing over 6 ft 4 in (193 cm) without shoes and weighing close to 300 lb (135 kg).

Over the next thirty years, according to Kuklinski, he killed regularly. The exact number has never been settled upon by authorities, and Kuklinski himself at various times claimed to have killed between 33 and 200 individuals.

The Iceman Confessions Of A Mafia Hitman 1of2 Richard Kuklinski
The Iceman Confessions Of A Mafia Hitman 2of2 Richard Kuklinski

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